Ships Believed To Have Carried Quantities of Troops

Below is a listing of ships that are believed to have transported troops during WWII.
This listing is a "work in progress" and additions will be made as they become known to us. If you know of ships that carried troops (even if you do not have specific crossing information), please let me know. Also, if you have information about the histories of any of these ships (or photos!),
please feel free to contribute that information as well.
Your help is always GREATLY appreciated!

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St. Albans Victory Sea Needle - See "Chilton"
St. Croix
Sea Owl
St. Mary's
Sea Panther - See "Elmore"
St. Mihiel (USAHS)
Sea Partridge
St. Mihiel (USN)
Sea Perch
St. Olaf
Sea Pike
Sea Porpoise
Sea Quail
Sea Ray
Sea Robin
Samuel Adams
Sea Runner
Samuel Ashe Sea Scamp
Samuel Chase Sea Snipe
Samuel Gompers Sea Star
Samuel Griffin Sea Sturgeon
Samuel Huntington Sea Swallow
Samuel H. Walker Sea Tiger
Samuel J. Tilden Sea Witch
Samuel Johnson Sedalia Victory
Samuel Livermore Seminole
San Saba Sevier
Sanborn Shamrock
Sanctuary Shawnee
Sandoval Sheepshead Bay Victory
Santa Barbara - See "McCawley" Shelby
Santa Cecilia Sherburne
Santa Clara - See "Barnett" Sheridan
Santa Clara (Grace Line) - See "Susan B. Anthony" Sibajak
Santa Cruz Sibley
Santa Elena Siboney
Santa Isabel Silverwillow
Santa Lucia - See "Leedstown" Sitka
Santa Margarita Slamat
Santa Maria Sloterdijk
Santa Monica Smith Thompson
Santa Paula Smith Victory
Santa Regina - See "Lyon" Solace
Santa Rita - See "William Ward Burrows" Sommelsdijk
Santa Rosa Solomon Jeneau
Santa Teresa - See "Kent" Southern Cross - See "Wharton"
Santiago Iglesias Southern Prince
Sarasota Spanish Bowline
Sarpedon Spindle Bye
Saturnia Staffordshire
Saugus Stamford Victory
Scythia Starlight
Sea Angel - See "Bolivar" State of Maryland
Sea Barb State of Virginia
Sea Bass - See "Bayfield" Stephen A. Douglas
Sea Cat Stetson Victory
Sea Carp - See "Clay" Stevens Victory
Sea Corporal Stirling Castle
Sea Corsair - See "Fremont" Storm King
Sea Darter - See "Henrico" Stratford
Sea Devil Strathaird
Sea Dolphin - See "Leon" Strathallan
Sea Eagle - See "Custer" Stratheden
Sea Fiddler Strathmore
Sea Flasher Strathnaver
Sea Flier Sumter
Sea Hawk - See "Fayette" Susan B. Anthony
Sea Hound - See "DuPage" Susan V. Luckenbach
Sea Marlin Swartenhundt


Tabinta Thomas Jefferson
Tabitha Brown
Thomas Johnson
Thomas LeValley
Thomas Nelson Page
Taos Victory
Thomas R. Marshall
Tarleton Brown
Thomas Stone
Thomas Sumter
Tasker H. Bliss (USAT)
Thomas W. Bickett
Thomas W. Hyde
T. B. Robertson
Timothy Dwight
Telfair Tjinegara
Texarkana Victory Tjsadane
Thaddeus Kosciuszko Tjitjalengka
Theodoric Bland Tjitjalengka
Thistle (USAHA) - See "Munargo" Torrens
Thistle (Troopship) Tranquility
Thomas B. Robertson Tristram Dalton
Thomas Corwin Tufts Victory
Thomas Cresap Tusculum Victory
Thomas F. Farrell, Jr. Twilight - See "Ormsby"
Thomas H. Barry Tyler F. Goodwin
Thomas Hart Benton Typhoon


USSR Victory
United States Victory


Van der Lijn
Van Heutz
Vassar Victory


W. J. Conners
William D. Pender
William F. Cody
Walter E. Ranger
William F. Fitch
Walter Forward
William Few
Walter Reed
William Floyd
War Hawk
William H. Jackson
Ward Hunt
William J. Palmer
William L. Smith
Warwick Victory
William L. Thompson
Washington - See "Mount Vernon"
William M. Evarts
Waterbury Victory William Mitchell
Waycross Victory William P. Biddle
Wayne William P. Mulholland
Webster Victory William Rawle
Weltevreden William S. Halstead
West Point William S. Rosecrans
Westbrook Victory William S. Young
Westerly Victory William T. Barry
Westernland William Ward Burrows
Westminister Victory Williams Victory
Westmoreland Wilson Victory
Wharton Winchester Castle
Wheaton Victory Winchester Victory
Willard A. Holbrook Windhuk - See "Lejeune"
William & Mary Victory Windsor
William A. Graham Winged Arrow
William A. Richardson Wisteria
William B. Giles Wood
William B. Travis Woodbridge Victory
William Blount Wooster Victory
William Cushing Worcestershire
William D. Mosely


None currently known.


Young America


Zebulon Pike
Zane Grey
Zanesville Victory
Zoella Lykes
Zona Gale
Zebulon B. Vance