Ships Believed To Have Carried Quantities of Troops

Below is a listing of ships that are believed to have transported troops during WWII.
This listing is a "work in progress" and additions will be made as they become known to us. If you know of ships that carried troops (even if you do not have specific crossing information), please let me know. Also, if you have information about the histories of any of these ships (or photos!),
please feel free to contribute that information as well.
Your help is always GREATLY appreciated!

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General T. H. Bliss
General W. A. Mann
General W. C. Gorgas
General W. C. Langfitt
General W. F. Hase
General W. G. Haan
General W. H. Gordon - See "General Walter H. Gordon"
General A. E. Anderson
General W. M. Black
General A. W. Brewster
General W. P. Richardson
General A. W. Greely
General Walter H. Gordon
General Alexander M. Patch - See "Admiral R. E. Coontz" General William Mitchell
General Billy Mitchell General William O. Darby - See "Admiral William S. Sims"
General Brooks General William Weigel
General Butler Geneva
General C. C. Ballou George B. McClellan
General C. G. Morton George Bancroft
General C. H. Muir George Clymer
General D. E. Aultman George Davis
General Daniel I. Sultan - See "Admiral W. S. Benson" George F. Elliott (AP-13)
General Edwin D. Patrick - See "Admiral C. F. Hughes" George F. Elliott (AP-105)
General Esquire George Flavel
General E. T. Collins George G. Meade
General G. M. Randall - See "General George M. Randall" George H. Dern
General G. O. Squier George H. Thomas
General George J. Simmonds George Handley
General George M. Randall George Leonard
General Greely - See "General A. W. Greely" George M. Bibb
General H. B. Freeman George S. Simonds
General H. F. Hodges George Shiras
General H. H. Arnold - See "General R. E. Callan" George W. Campbell
General H. L. Scott George W. Goethals
General H. W. Butner - See "General Henry W. Butner" George W. Julian
General Harry Taylor George W. McCrary
General Hayse George W. Woodward
General Henry W. Butner George Washington (Large)
General Horace A. Mann George Washington (Small)
General Hoyt S. Vandenberg - See "General Harry Taylor" George Washington Carver
General Hugh J. Gaffey - See "Admiral W. L. Capps" Georgetown Victory
General J. C. Breckinridge Georgic
General J. H. McRae Gideon Welles
General J. R. Brooke Gilliam
General John Pope Glenn G. Griswold
General LeRoy Eltinge Glynn
General Maurice Rose - See "Admiral Hugh Rodman" Golden City
General M. B. Stewart Goodhue
General M. C. Meigs Goshen
General M. L. Hersey Gosper
General M. M. Patrick Goucher Victory
General Nelson M. Walker - See "Admiral H. T. Mayo" Grafton
General O. H. Ernst - See "General Oswald H. Ernst" Granville
General Omar Bundy Grenville M. Dodge
General Oswald H. Ernst Griggs
General R. E. Callan Grimes
General R. L. Howze Gripsholm
General R. M. Blatchford Grundy
General S. D. Sturgis Guilford
General Simon B. Buckner - See "Admiral E. W. Eberle" Gustavus
General Stuart Heintzelman


Hagerstown Victory
Henry Middleton
Hai Lee
Henry W. Beecher
Hampden-Sydney Victory
Henry W. Hurley
Henry W. Longfellow
Hannis Taylor
Herald of the Morning
Harry F. Rethers Heywood
Harry Lee Highland Brigade
Haskell Highland Chieftain
Haven Highland Monarch
Haverford Victory Highland Princess
Hawaiian Shipper Highland Queen
Hawkeye State - See "Hugh L. Scott" Highlands
Hayes Hilary A. Herbert
Haym Salomon Hinsdale
Haywood Hocking
Helen Hunt Jackson Hood Victory
Henderson Hope
Hendry Horace Binney
Henrico Howard
Henry Baldwin Howard Victory
Henry Bergh Howell Lykes
Henry Dearborn Hugh L. Scott
Henry Failing Hunter Liggett (USAT)
Henry Gibbins Hunter Liggett (USN)
Henry Groves Conner Hyde


Iberville - See "Sumter"
Irvin MacDowell
Ile de France
Isaac Coles
Isaac Sharpless
India Victory
Island Mail


J. E. Gorman John Ericsson
J. Franklin Bell (USAT)
John Fiske
John Harvard
J. H. Kinkaid
John Harvey
J. M. Davis
John Hathorn
J. W. McAndrews
John Howland
James H. McClintock
John J. Crittenden
James McCosh
John J. Meany
James B. Francis
John Jay
James B. Houston
John L. Clem
James B. Richardson
John L. Motley
James Barbour John Land
James Ford Rhodes John Lawson
James G. Blaine John Lykes
James H. McClintock John M. Morehead
James Hoban John Milledge
James Iredell John Murray Forbes
James J. Hill John Penn
James Jackson John P. Mitchell
James McCosh John S. Pillsbury
James Monroe John Sergeant
James Moore John Steele
James O'Hara John Stevens
James Parker John Sullivan
James Russell Lowell John Sykes
James Turner John Trumbull
James W. Fannin John W. Brown
James Wilson John W. Weeks
James W. Marshall John Walker
James W. Riley Johns Hopkins
James W. Nesmith Jonathan Edwards
Jane Addams Jonathan Elmer
Jan Sobieski Jonathan Grout
Janssens Jonathan Trumbull
Japara Jonathan Worth
Jarrett M. Huddleston Jose Navarro
Jean LaFitte - See "Warren" Joseph Alston
Jerauld Joseph Gale
Joaquin Miller Joseph Hewes
Joe C. Specker Joseph H. Hollister
Joel Chandler Harris Joseph H. Nicholson
Johan de Witt Joseph Hooker
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt Joseph Leidy
John B. Floyd Joseph N. Teal
John B. Hood Joseph T. Dickman
John Banvard Joseph T. Robinson
John Blair Joseph Warren
John C. Ainsworth Joshua Hendy
John C. Breckenridge - See "General J. C. Breckenridge" Joshua Seney
John Clarke Josiah Bartlett
John Cropper Josiah D. Whitney
John Dickinson Junior N. Van Noy
John E. Schmeltzer Justin S. Morrill


King S. Woolsey
Kings Point Victory
Kingston Victory
Kemp P. Battle
Kenmore (AP-62)
Kenmore (AP-162)
Kokomo Victory
Kota Agoeng
Kota Baroe
Keren Kota Inten
Kershaw Kungsholm


La Crosse Victory
Leonard Wood (USAT)
La Grande Victory
La Porte
La Salle
Laconia Victory
Levi Woodbury
Lew Wallace
Lewiston Victory
Lake Charles Victory
Lincoln Steffens
Lambert Cadwalader
Lincoln Victory
Lancashire Lindley M. Garrison
Lander Livingston
Lanier Lock Knot
Largs Bay Logan
Larkspur Louis A. Milne
Latimer Louis A. Pasteur
Lauderdale Louis McLane
Laurens Louisa M. Alcott
Lavaca Lowndes
Lavington Court Lubbock
Leedstown (AP-73) Lucretia Mott
Leedstown (APA-56) Lulworth Hill
Lehigh Victory Lurline
Lejeune Luther Martin
Leland Stanford Lycoming
Lenawee Lyman Abbott
Leon Lyon
Leonard Romero


M. I. T. Victory
M. M. Guhin
Madawaska Victory
Matthew Maury
Madison J. Manchester
Madras City
Mayo Brothers
Mahanoy City Victory
Medina Victory
Major General H. A. Dargue Mellette
Major General Robert Olds Mello Franco
Major General W. R. Weaver Menard
Maloja Mendocino
Mangola Menifee
Manhatten - See "Wakefield" Mercy
Manoora Meriwether
Marathon Messenger - See "Sheridan"
Marechal Joffre Meteor
Marella Mexican
Marigold Mexico
Marine Adder Mexico Victory
Marine Angel Mifflin
Marine Cardinal Milford Victory
Marine Carp Mirabeau B. Lamar
Marine Devil Missoula
Marine Dragon Modasa
Marine Eagle Monarch of Bermuda
Marine Falcon Monarco
Marine Flasher Monowai
Marine Fox Monrovia
Marine Jumper Montclair Victory
Marine Lynx Monterey (Large)
Marine Marlin Monterey (Small)
Marine Panther Monticello
Marine Perch Montoro
Marine Phoenix Montour
Marine Raven Montrose
Marine Robin Mooltan
Marine Serpent Moreton Bay
Marine Shark Mormac Dove
Marine Swallow Mormac Hawk
Marine Tiger Mormac Moon
Marine Wolf Mormac Port
Marion McK. Bovard Mormac Sea
Mariposa Mormac Sun
Maritime Victory Mormac Tide - See "Lyon"
Marnix van Sint Aldegonde Mormac Wren
Martland Mormac York - See "Anne Arundel"
Marshall Elliott Moses Austin
Marshall Victory Mount Vernon
Marvin L. Thomas Mountrail
Marvin McIntyre Muhlenberg Victory
Marymar Munargo
Maryville Victory Munda

This information, specifications and resulting ship histories are gathered and compiled from from various sources that many times conflict. If you find an error or discrepancy, please email me at or
fill out our online crossing submission form.
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