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The records of ships used to carry troops to their theaters of operations were destroyed intentionally in 1951. "According to our [U. S. National Archives] records, in 1951 the Department of the Army destroyed all passenger lists, manifests, logs of vessels, and troop movement files of United States Army Transports for World War II." (Sorry, but there was no word on why the records were destroyed.) Thus there is no longer an official record of who sailed on what ship, though there are still valuable sources that can be found. So this web page is an informal collecting ground for information about troop ship crossings.

If you have information about a crossing, please submit your information.

  • The list is in chronological order by departure date. So if you are looking for a particular ship or unit, you will have to use the FIND function in your browser. Unit names are spelled out when they fit (but not always); so search for the unit number - e.g., "106" or "106th" for the 106th Infantry Division.
  • Different units aboard are separated by semi-colons (;). If a unit was attached to another unit, either the larger unit will be in parentheses - e.g. "38th Armored Infantry Battalion (7th Armored Division)", or vice versa "7th Armored Division (38th Armored Infantry Battalion)". This means only the smaller unit is known to have been on board; the larger unit is included, since people may be searching on that. Note that units may have crossed on multiple ships.
  • Ships going into Greenoch (and variant spellings) or Glasgow or Firth of Clyde, Scotland were all going to the same destination. So search on "Scotland" for any arrivals there, since the variants are numerous.
  • RAMPs are Recovered Allied Military Personnel. These were former prisoners of war, who had priority for going home.
  • Unknown, incomplete, or uncertain items of information are in bold type. If you know any of these, please submit your information.
Departure Date
Embarkation Place
Units on Board
Convoy Number
Debarkation Place
Arrival Date
Source of Information
New York,
Sydney, Australia
(via Trinidad, Cape Town & Freemantle)
S. Harding - Gray Ghost
The Clyde,
(via Freemantle, Cape Town, Simonstown & Freetown)
S. Harding - Gray Ghost
The Clyde
(via Freetown, Cape Town, Simonstown & Trincomalee)
S. Harding - Gray Ghost